Wooden watch

Wooden watch handmade in Krakow. The each wooden watch was created by handmade. Each watch hasa consecutive number. We use the bes oaken wood which impregnate withe bee wax.

Represented minimalism.

Value by wooden handmade

We use watchmaker standrads. The heart od the watches are tired and tested mechanism od Citizen Miyota. At the beginning we have represented minimalism in the art of making watches. Simple design, no logo on the dial, simple construction based on manual work and simple technology showing the hour, minute and second. We assume that oak wood is so beautiful that it does not need to be additionally decorated. Each copy is born in studio. This is our answer to the anonymity of mass production.

Unisex models

All this to offer our customers the highest quality. Our products are more than just a watch. It is a way to express yourself and show something unique, unrepeatable and emotional. In our offer you will find watches made of oak wood with straps made of leather, steel and other materials. We build each watch from scratch according to 10-year watchmaking standards. All models fit both women’s and men’s hands.

Natural beauty oak wood

For centuries, oak wood has been equated in Poland with nobility, durability and luxury. The oak wood is characterized by deep color and beautiful graining. It is a very hard material, difficult to process, but the end result is amazing. Wood is a noble material born of nature. That is why we treat them with respect and due respect. We understand its enormous value, which is actually difficult to measure. Every day we give my clients the fruits of our work, handcrafted watches made of oak wood. It is a unique combination of classic style and modernity.

  • For centuries, oak wood has been equated in Poland with nobility, durability and luxury.
  • On request we engraver the sentence that is possible to be placed.
  • Gold and silver steel bracelet. On request colud be make by precious material.
  • On request genuine leather in almost each colour. Possibility wooden strap.
  • No swimming, no hardwork in garden, no rain.

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