Armchairs and sofas

24 carat gold

24 carat gold with sculptures

Hand-made wooden golden throne with 24 carat gold with sculptures, because wood is a material that perfectly damps vibrations. Combined with the precision of workmanship and the appropriate design, wooden frames become a luxury. The frames are made of ash wood combined with walnut wood.

The natural beauty of the wood, finished with a multi-layer finish, not only impresses with its appearance, but is also very resistant to all weather conditions. Wooden frames are light and damage resistant, providing the best balance between durability and performance.

Recent technological advances in adhesives and fabrication have made wood a feasible choice in the modern furniture world. Wooden golden thrones are sometimes aided by steel or composite lugs to connect the wooden tubes or attach components. These thrones can be made with plywood, hardwoods, or bamboo.

  • Made in Poland
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